Saturday, 7 June 2014

Taking flight

Since I completed the last edit of Petronella and the Water Pistol Bandit she has been flitting about and landing in slushpiles. All seems to be going very well, Petronella is receiving a lot of positive feedback, my favourite being described as a 'terrific writer!'

Two agents have requested the full MS so far, so fingers crossed for a home for Petronella before too long. I'm feeling very hopeful. The whole process has been exciting, even a knock back hasn't made me feel hurt or rejected. I think a background in Fine Art has helped prepare me for this stage in the process. Anything creative is hard to judge as it is so subjective, people either love it, hate it or are ambivalent towards it, with a few grey areas in between. But basically it comes down to they either like it or they don't have an interest in it, just like a book and the whole submission process.

Now I'm waiting to see if I've found the agent who feels as passionately about my writing as I do. One who likes that all important factor, the 'voice'. Again, like anything creative, you develop a style of your own with time and practice, and it's what agents always say they are looking for. So fingers crossed my 'voice' is being heard and liked and it wont be long before I can post my 'I have an agent!' story :)

And in the meantime, I've been world building and character profiling for my new novel 'A Witch in Time'. It was started for the Nibfest14 write-a-thon, and was shortlisted. Now I'm adding and developing Feather's story, and loving every minute of this new adventure!

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