Thursday, 15 May 2014

I'm a Nibfest14 Shortlistee!!!

On the 4th May at Midday Nibfest - The Festival of Writing announced a first line, which unpublished writers were then to take and write up to 5000 words. Either a short story or the start of a novel. It was a mad week of writing last week as there was exactly one week for this write-a-thon. Pens down and entry sent by midday on 11th May.

The opening line was... It was a bright day in May, and the clocks were striking twelve.’ 

When I read that line a character popped into my mind, standing alone in a room full of clocks. Her name was Feather and she was a witch. A novel was born from that sentence, or at least the first two chapters. I'm now world building and character profiling, yes I even know what Feather has in her pockets, I've got to know her so well this past week.

I knew as soon these new characters had come into my life that they were going to have a good story to tell. I've only known them just over a week and I'm very excited to learn all about them and where they are going to take me.

I've been looking forward to seeing the results of the write-a-thon and eagerly awaited 10pm for news. I couldn't have hoped for better news! Nibfest14 notified me that I was one of the 7 Shortlistees :D Excited doesn't even cover it! I think I've driven my family mad this evening with my bouncing about the house and reminding them intermittently of my new status as shortlistee.

I'm one very proud writer right now, and cant thank the agents at Watson, Little enough for shortisting me. I now eagerly await Alex Marwood, Katy Regan and Abigail Tarttelin's decision on the overall winner. Good luck and well done to the other shortlistees!

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