Thursday, 20 February 2014

Parting with the Past

As with many people out there, my loft is absolutely crammed full of stuff that I have saved in case we need it again. This week I've been on a rollercoaster of emotions as the floodgates opened to the first stage of operation loft evacuation!

We've been given a 10 week deadline to empty our loft so that we can get our loft insulated, and as it's going to be done for free we couldn't pass up the opportunity. But, the mountain of 'stuff' up there makes for a very daunting task.

So many memories have been evoked as bag after bag of maternity and baby clothes have come down, and for some reason three pushchairs, not to mention the varied array of baby related accessories. Seeing it all ready to leave made me really sad. My childbearing days are over, I know at 34 I could fit a few more in, but as I have 4 of my own and a stepson I've had more than my fair share of mini-blessings. It's time for a new chapter in the Finlayson-Palmer household. Times of change is upon us this year, starting with the clear out and later this year my youngest will start full time school, leaving me without one of my own babies at home during the daytime. This will be a very new phenomenon for me after having 13 years of littlies at home, I've finally reached the no more buying nappies stage, and soon there will be no toddler groups and playgroups to attend during the morning. One of my sources of inspiration!

The kids must have thought Mommy had lost the plot today as I cried as I packed clothes in bags. I explained to them, that each item I had chosen and put on each of them had been special as it created precious memories. But now they must go on to help others create special memories too. The kids loved this idea and actively organised their old clothes ready for new homes. It helped my heartache to see them do this, full of love to share. Knowing that whilst some items were going to charity, others I have found homes with friends with new babies, a warming thought that I'll see those clothes again.

Given time it wont be so hard to think of, after all they are just things, things that I have placed sentimental attachment on. The important things in my life are still there with me, just growing and changing with each passing day, creating new memories and things to cherish.

Today I have parted with the past, but tomorrow shall be a new chapter in Finlayson-Palmerville :)

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