Sunday, 9 February 2014


Now, nearing completion of the second round of editing my children's book, and I know there will be a third, possibly fourth and fifth edit yet, I am thinking about where it might go on from here. I've thought about agents and true to OCD form have made a list!

I've spent many hours pondering over agents, and exactly what sort of agent I would like to be teamed with. After all, this should hopefully be the start of a lifetime friendship and working relationship. I've looked at all sorts of aspects from whether or not they 'tweet' regularly or are media savvy, and if they do how much of themselves do they put into this, namely can I find out their favourite chocolates or drink and find a way to weedle my way in lol Maybe not, too stalkerish! But I do seem to be favouring agents that have an interest in social network sites, I suppose this is the way the world is progressing, though I'll always prefer the feel of a good paperbook in my hands to my kindle, though I do own one.

Of all the agents I've looked at only a few have really got my attention so far, I really am getting picky in my old age. But I do think this comes with the realisation of how long term this set up could be. I'm not just going to fling my book at a mass of agents and say yes to the first one that shows an interest. I really want to build a secure partnership for many years to come, there are a good many stories bursting out of my head, not to mention the hundreds still in my notebook that I haven't tidied and edited to my idea of perfection yet.

After putting myself on the line and attending Discovery Day 2 at Foyles last November, I was pleasantly surprised at the agent's response to my first and first page of my book. Normally quite reserved and shy by nature, it was quite a feat that I went in the first place but it has given me a huge boost in confidence that I can get books published too, and not just short stories, fillers and poetry. After all, it's what I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, pen in hand forever scribbling ideas. I remember one of my earliest stories involving a whole selection of Roald Dahl stories on a cruise and the chaos they caused on board.

Very, very tempted now I've got this taste for pushing the boundaries to have a go at applying for Jane Wenham-Jones' TV Show inspired by her brilliant book  Wannebe a Writer.

As they say, watch this space, agents across the UK beware as there's a Finlayson-Palmer about to unleash her recent work on the world!

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