Sunday, 19 January 2014


I finished the first draft of my book Petronella Beetletwitch just after Christmas. After leaving it alone for two weeks I was keen to get back to it and start the editing process. I've spent the past week scribbling all over my manuscript as I read through from start to finish, picking up on words I use far too often, and ironing out bumps and filling in plot holes.

Today I've started on the second round of editing, already whole chunks have been chopped, and chapters have been altered. So far it's been a massive learning curve as until now I've focused my efforts on short stories, flash fiction and poetry. So to have a whole manuscript there before me to tamper with have been a daunting but exciting prospect.

So far so good, loving the process, let's see where it takes me...

I've had some fantastic advice to keep me on track from author Nell Dixon, whose website offers some great writing tips that are well worth a look:

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