Thursday, 9 January 2014

5 Minute Writing Exercise

The product of a 5 minute exercise using the word ‘Capacity’…

The idea is to just use a randomly selected word from the dictionary and see where it takes you, don’t stop to think about what you have written or edit it, just keep moving forward.

The lift was full to maximum capacity, absolutely rammed, as my Mother would say. For someone who had issues with personal space, this was hell. But little did I know far worse was to come. The lift came to a juddering halt, but not at its designated point.  No, this damn thing had chosen this precise moment to break down, right between floors 21 and 22. If it were to suddenly drop now we’d be like a can of stew, all lumpy bits and pieces in varying states of liquidisation. That might just get me out of what I had been about to face, but I think I’d rather live to see another day. Unlike the woman just in front of me, whose scent I had inhaled so many times before in such close proximity during my silent vigils as I’d stalked her over the past month.

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