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NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2015

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2015

I recently took part in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2015. I was assigned to Group 44, genre: drama, location: coffee shop, object: false eyelashes. I've never written drama before so not sure if I was successful or not, but here's the end result...

Round 44 – Genre: Drama – Location: A Coffee Shop – Object: Fake Eyelashes
Pot Luck
‘Do they look ridiculous?’ Sasha fluttered her extra-long lashes for approval.
            ‘Erm, well…’ He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. ‘I… err…’
            ‘Oh god they do don’t they? I don’t want to go looking like this. This can’t be right. Are you sure it’s today? I haven’t even worn my best clothes. I could have worn that sultry little black number if I’d known.’ She started crying.
            ‘Now there’s no need for tears. It’s not the end of the world. Oh, well, you know. It could be worse.’
            Sasha shot him a red eyed look of pure hatred, and took out a tissue. She blew her nose loudly, then used another tissue to wipe away her tears and mascara which had started to run. ‘Are you sure it’s now though? Haven’t I got time to pop home and tell everyone?’
            ‘No you can’t, there isn’t time for nonsense like that. It’s definitely this evening. I’ve got it written down here in my diary. Friday 8pm Pot Luck coffee shop on End’s Way.’
            ‘Let me see,’ Sasha leant across and pulled at the diary, but wasn’t quick enough as he pulled it away and slipped it back into his bag. ‘Oh come on. Why can’t I see?’
            ‘You’re not allowed to. It’s not permitted. No one should be given that much detail.’ He straightened his black tie, and smoothed the creases from his cashmere black suit. ‘This fabric is already showing signs of wear. Cost me a month’s salary.’
            ‘Looks like you’re going to a funeral,’ Sasha smirked. She pouted and took out a compact mirror from her handbag and started re-applying her mascara.
            ‘What are you doing now?’ His voice was incredulous.
            ‘Well if I’ve got to go I’ve got to look my best haven’t I?’
            He mumbled something under his breath.
            ‘What was that?’ She closed the compact with a sharp snap.
            ‘If you want to look your best, well, I think maybe you should remove the eyelashes.’
            Sasha groaned. ‘I knew they were too much. It’s too late now, they’ve been put on with special glue. So whatever happens, they’re coming with me!’ She fluttered her extra-long, extra thick lashes for effect.
            ‘Hmm, I suppose they’re not so bad,’ he managed a toothy smile that did nothing to reassure her.
            She looked away, his smile just made her feel worse. The large clock above the counter caught her eye. ‘7.58pm, there isn’t long left then.’ She felt a surge of icy cold panic surge through her veins.
            ‘Not really. You’d best get yourself ready. I’ve got to be at the bridge by 8.14pm, popular spot. I’m down there every other week.’
            ‘Jeez, you’re so grim.’
‘Sorry, I just have to go where there’s work, and that’s one of the busiest places.’
Sasha sighed, resigned at what lay ahead. ‘Haven’t you got any one liners or something to prepare me.’
            ‘That’s not really in my job description.’
            ‘What is your job description then?’
            ‘I’m just here to help that’s all. Just think of me as a friend that you don’t see very often.’ He stood up and tapped the watch around his wrist. ‘Shall we?’
            She trembled as she stood, her footing wobbly as they left the coffee shop. This was an event that she really didn’t want to attend.
            ‘I really don’t want to go, do I have to?’ The cold autumn breeze pinches at her face.
            ‘I’m afraid you do, but don’t worry, I’ll be right here with you,’ he slipped his bony fingers through her warm, fleshy ones.
            Darkness had enveloped the street, the perfect cover for the attacker waiting just around the corner.

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