Sunday, 12 October 2014

Write Foxy!

I've booked myself onto the 'Write Foxy! Writers' Inspiration Day' on the 2nd November in Dudley. I'm very excited as there will be four writers whose work I have read and enjoyed. I'm looking forward to both meeting them and also seeing what advice and inspiration they have for me and the others attending the course.

As far as I know there are a few tickets left, so I'll put the details below incase anyone else fancies booking up. There's another day in the new year too, on the 8th February.

Write Foxy! Writers' Inspiration Day - November 2014

Back by popular demand - the inspirational day for writers from bestselling author Miranda Dickinson!

Speakers confirmed:
Hannah Beckerman - Author of The Dead Wife's Handbook (Penguin)
Miranda Dickinson - Author of five Sunday Times Bestsellers, including Fairytale of New York and Take A Look At Me Now (Avon)
Tamsyn Murray - Author of the Stunt Bunny series (Simon & Schuster Children's) and Afterlife series (Piccadilly Press)
Cally Taylor - Author of The Accident - as CL Taylor (Avon)

Don't Just Write: Write Foxy!
A day for writers to come together, share ideas, be inspired and, most of all, reconnect with a love of writing. Part conference, part writers' retreat, the Write Foxy! Day will encourage you to make the most of your writing, learn from the experience of bestselling authors whilst also providing space for you to work on your own projects. Refreshments will be available all day and a full buffet lunch is included.

Who is the Write Foxy! Day for?
Everyone who writes! Whether you are just starting out, are working towards becoming a published or self-published author or are already published, this day offers something for you.

Will the Write Foxy! Day teach me how to write a novel?
No, but it will inspire you to make the most of your writing, whatever stage you are at. It's an inspiration day that will leave you fired up, armed with new tips and raring to pursue your writing goals.

What does Write Foxy! mean?!
Write Foxy! is all about writing what you're passionate about, keeping fun at the centre of your writing and loving what you do. So many writers at all stages of their writing careers struggle with doubts, fatigue, a sense of hopelessness and a lack of motivation: this day is designed to reconnect you to the reason you started writing. If you believe in and love what you write, readers will too!

The website for details and booking is:

If you want to take a look at some of the speakers work etc. you can find details on twitter for each at... Miranda Dickinson @wurdsmyth

Cally Taylor @callytaylor

Hannah Beckerman @hannahbeckerman

Tamsyn Murray @TamsynTweetie

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