Monday, 27 August 2012

Simon Says!: Where Do You Write?

Simon Says!: Where Do You Write?: Where do you write? This is a photo of my desk, where some of my writing is done. It's where most of my administration stuff is tackled: ...

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  1. I love hearing about and seeing where other people write, I even have an album on my laptop of famous author's writing spaces/sheds, etc. I have several different places I particularly like to write, in the summerhouse weather permitting, at the dining table, sitting at the top of the stairs at home and the one that I have been most productive in is the car! I don't even drive, but every time we take the kids out or go shopping, if there's a few minutes where I can sit down in the car I write. It's where I've come up with the most ideas and made notes or written chunks of stories that have gone on to be published :)